How To Choose The Best Boat Lift – 2016

Boat Lift Choices for 2016

2013-07-30_15-18-03_832Granted there are dozens of boat lifts to choose from, but picking the right lift for your specific needs can be a daunting task.  Many things have to be taken into consideration when choosing the right lift for the job.  For instance, your boat might be a v-hull or a tri-toon and you need to consider what is best for the type of boat you own.  Or, maybe you own two different boats and use them at different times throughout the year and need a dual bunk system that will accommodate either boat.  Or, maybe your boat weighs more than the average boat for the length and width you own and you’re not sure what boat lift will work the best for your particular application.  No worries.  We have been in the business of selling and installing boat lifts for over 2 decades and we know a thing or two about matching boats with the very best boat lift based on weight, size, depth of water, etc.

Location Location, Lift

Whether your dock slip is on Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, Bull Shoals, or Beaver Lake in Arkansas, we’ve got you covered.  We are centrally located on Table Rock Lake in Lampe, Missouri and in addition to new installations of Econo Lift boat lifts, we can re-install and service not other makes of lifts and hoists such as Boat Floater, Hydro Hoist, and other boat lifts that might need either serviced or replaced by a newer, more dependable lift system.  We always encourage avid boaters to shop and compare lifts, but we are confident once you have experienced the Econo Lift boat lift, you won’t settle for anything less.  They are well built, super dependable, and very affordable compared to other boat lifts offered on area lakes.

Not sure you’re getting the best value?

Econo Lift is manufactured right here in Missouri by craftsmen passionate about building quality boat lifts with value and longevity since 1984.  Econo Lift uses only the highest quality materials in their boat hoists. They use a totally enclosed polyethylene tank for more stability in open or high traffic water situations and durable, completely galvanized metal parts. That’s why the Econo Lift boat hoist is the most dependable, yet affordable boat hoist available today. They also offer a rough water kit that minimizes lift movement in your dock to help aid the life and reduce the noise of your lift.  Also available is a front mounted lift where attaching to the sides of the boat slip is not possible. From PWC’s to Cruisers, Econo Lift can keep it up for you!


  1. Rotomolded Polyethylene tanks that are totally enclosed and carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.
  2. US Steel that has been hot dip galvanized to make your boat lift purchase a lasting investment
  3. Poly (UMHW) bushings in arms.
  4. Lockable deck mounted control boxes for security and ease of operation.
  5. A safety valve mounted in the tank to help secure your lift when you’re not around.
  6. A ground fault interrupter for your protection against electricution.
  7. Service after the sale, we treat you like we want to treated ourselves.

We look forward to working with you on your next boat lift purchase.  Rest assured we will do all it takes to make your selection of the perfect boat lift as painless and affordable as possible.  CALL TODAY! (417) 779-5721 or Get A Free Quote Online