PWC Lifts/Ports

1,100 lb. Lift

Our single PWC lift is a front-mounted single PWC lift capable of raising all 3 passenger PWCs.  It can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to the outside of the dock or in a slip.

Dual PWC Lift

4,500 lb. Lift

This fully decked PWC lift is a front-mounted lift that is capable of raising 2 three passenger PWCs, jet boats, paddle boats, and other watercraft up to 14’ long. 

SLX-5 by Wave Armor


  • 100% Foam-Filled Interior (increases buoyancy and structural integrity)
  • Removable Bow Stop with Tie-Down Ring
  • 12 Adjustable Polyurethane Overlaid Wheels
  •  8-year warranty, 
  • 12’8″ rated for 1500 lbs


  • 100% filled with marine grade EPS foam
  • Molded-in rubber bow stop for soft and safe docking
  • Quick clip & stainless steel chain
  • Extra-wide adjustable Wobble Wheel for better weight distribution and multiple hulls fit
  • Length: 14’4″ rated at 1700 lbs
  • 8-Year Warranty

I have owned two Econo Lift boat hoists and feel they are a great lift, reasonably priced, and Tom at the Kimberling City location has always treated me very well and I would recommend them over and above other boat lift businesses.  I used one of their competitors in the past and was charged double what I should have.  Use Blake’s Econo lift, you will not be sorry.

Jerry Bournes

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